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more ValhallaCon guests, less sleep! - Geek in Disguise — LiveJournal
August 14th, 2009
09:17 am


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more ValhallaCon guests, less sleep!
I'm happy to announce that Jonathan W. Sodt (A.K.A. Fenmere, the Worm) will be our local artist guest. He's been a fixture in the Bellingham art community for a long time. You can see his work at Grass Dog Studio.

George Dyson will also be at ValhallaCon and will give his traditional Orion Project presentation. For those who don't know, the Orion Project was a 1950s effort to build spaceships propelled by nuclear bombs that was championed by George's father, physicist Freeman Dyson. It was also a key plot element of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's book Footfall, and the event just happens to take place here in Bellingham.

"General, have your people do what you can for the people of Bellingham. They're Americans, too."

I've always felt this should be Bellingham's motto: "We're Americans, too."

Also joining us wil lbe Clete Smith, author of "Grandma's Intergalactive Bed and Breakfast," which will be published in 2010 and for which he has already sold movie rights.

And, if you thought author guest of honor Nancy Kress's book Beggars in Spain was fiction, think again. According to the New York Times, researchers have identified a genetic mutation that causes a need for less sleep. htshhksmn

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